FRP Bypass APK Download & Use FRP APK On Android For Free

FRP- Factory Reset Protection is a high security feature provided by Google in Android smartphone. Using this FRP, we can easily secure our data even if the mobile phone gets lost. From Android Lolipop the FRP has been launched for keeping Android device secured. However, the main question is that what is FRP Bypass APK? When we reset our Android devices we generally forget our login details of various user accounts. This is a very confusing moment that what we will do after forgetting the user credentials. In that time, FRP bypass tool will work to bypass that situation and you can log in again your device without using early credentials.


In this topic, we will talk about the procedure to download the FRP Bypass APK. Moreover, we will talk how to use it on your device completely? FRP bypass is not available in Google play to download it. Thus we need to take the help of its Apk file to start work it in our phone. Android devices like Samsung, Micromax, LG, Nokia, Redmi, etc. support this Apk file to work on them easily. If some of you are facing the problem after resetting your devices then FRP bypass will surely help you in all needs.

What are the requirements to make use FRP Bypass Apk?

If some of you know about the FRP application then it is ok. Nevertheless, those who have no idea they can check it out to get the proper details about it now.  Some users get confused about using FRP Bypass Apk on the Android devices after resetting them. Thus we need to follow the below steps to resolve this issue completely.

Required tools:

  1. Any USB pen drive or Flash Drive.
  2. OTG-On the Go Cable.
  3. Personal Computer or OTG supporting any device.

Using the above tools and devices, you can easily perform the task to bypass those user name and password from user account in your smartphone. From the nest point you will get know the working of FRP bypass tool.

How to use FRP Bypass tool in your Android phone?

Hope you get an idea about the requirement tools and devices need to unlock your phone. Now let us have a look on the steps given below about how to use FRP bypass Apk in Android devices.

Step 1: At first, you need to download the Apk of FRP Bypass on your device like PC/Laptop or other USB supported devices.

[Download APK of FRP Bypass]

Step 2:Now connect your Pen drive to the device where you have downloaded the FRP Bypass Apk file from web. Transfer this file from the device to the pen drive and proceed to the next step.

Step 3:After that, you need to turn on the device, which you have reset, and now it get FRP locked. In that particular device, you need to connect the OTG device through micro USB port. Connect the pen drive on the other side of the OTG i.e. on the USB port.

Step 4: When you connect the OTG cable, it directly opens the file manager of your phone and you can access it easily, thus you can easily install the FRP bypass Apk on your phone.  While you will install this Apk in your phone, it may show you some warning that ‘file from unknown sources can’t be installed directly’.

Therefore, you need to open your Settings and the got to the Privacy and Security and tick the Unknown Sources option. Thus, you are able to install file from unknown sources too. After your installation has been completed successfully, you can open this app on your phone.

Step 5: Now you are automatically redirects to the phone Settings menu. Here you need to do the Factory reset of your phone for removing the early used Gmail account in your phone.

Step 6: Thus, you are now almost be done with the processes. The phone will now automatically get restart or you can restart your phone manually. After restarting your device you will able to insert the new email id of your Google Account and reconfigure your device freshly.

By following the above steps, you can easily insert new Google account after resetting your Android phone. This software is easily available in web and you need not to spent money for doing this job. However, if applying the above steps are not possible then please contact a professional.

How to unlock FRP in your phone, by downgrade the version of Android?

This is another method, which you can follow to unlock the FRP by downgrade your device’s Android version. For using this method, you need to have the custom ROM of the Smartphone and other needful files with you. By installing the custom ROM of the lower Android version rather than the Android Lolipop, you can unlock the FRP easily. However, this method is little bit tough compare to the previous one. As in, the methods you need to install the custom rom properly which do many users not know. You can check in web or other video in YouTube to getting the idea about to install custom rom in devices.


Finally, we want to tell you that these are all the two methods to unlock FRP lock in Android devices. According to our view, we will recommend you to use Apk of FRP Bypass, which is quite safe and standard to unlock your device without altering your original OS. If you find this content is helpful for you then try the method once. When you were stuck to open your device by forgot the Google Account credentials, you can simply use this FRP bypass APK to unlock your device easily. You can also share this information with your friends to give awareness and help them as well.

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